The Benefits of High-Security Locks for Your Storefront Door

Ensuring the safety of your storefront is not just a choice; it is a necessity. That is where Universal Best Locksmith comes in! We are here to show you all the amazing benefits of installing high-security locks on your storefront door. By strengthening your business’s first line of defense, you can give yourself that priceless peace of mind. So, let us jump right in and discover how high-security locks can truly be a game-changer for your shop.

Why Do You Need High-Security Locks?

Here are the key reasons why investing in high-security locks is crucial for your protection and business security:

Stronger Protection Against Store Break-Ins

The core benefit of high-security locks is their resistance to the most common break-in methods: picking, drilling, and bumping. These locks have features that make them impossible to pick. They also have hardened steel casings and pins that laugh in the face of drills. The best thing about these locks is their complex pin configurations, which make it difficult for bump keys to work. It is like upgrading from a wooden door to a bank vault.

Enhanced Key Control and Access

Ever lend out a key, only to spend nights wondering if someone has made a copy of it? High-security locks often require a security card or a special code in order to duplicate their keys. That means you control who has copies of your keys. It will reduce the risk of unauthorized copies floating around like unwanted party invites.

Need Less Lock Repair and Upkeep

High-security locks might seem like a bigger investment upfront compared to standard locks. Yet, they are champions in terms of durability and maintenance. These locks withstand both physical attacks and the test of time, leading to fewer lock repairs and replacements. Over time, the initial cost offsets the lack of additional spending needed to keep your locks in check.

A high-security lock on a supermarket entrance ensures safe and secure shopping.

Strong Front Door Locks Are Good for Insurance

Here is something you might not have considered: many insurance companies love when you beef up security. Some insurance firms will even lower your rates for going the extra mile to keep your property safe. It is like getting a pat on the back and a little cash bonus for being a responsible storefront owner.

Peace of Mind Comes From High-Security Locks

This one is priceless. If you feel confident that your store is secure, it will bring a sense of calm. As a result, you can focus on your business without worrying about safety. It will make you more productive and successful. 

Installing high-security locks on your storefront door can provide that peace of mind, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters. So, say goodbye to unnecessary stress and hello to a more focused and thriving business.

How to Pick the Best High-Security Lock for Your Storefront

Think About What Kind of Security You Need

Before you dig deeper into high-security locks, why not take a step back and think about what your specific security needs are? For example, check the location of your business first. Then, consider any security issues you have faced and what kinds of goods you are keeping safe. Understanding these details will help you figure out just the right level of security to keep everything protected.

Talk to a Professional Locksmith

Reaching out to a commercial locksmith is a wise move. The team at Universal Best Locksmith can offer expert guidance. They can help you choose the right locks for your storefront and install the locks for maximum security.

Keep Your Future Needs in Mind

As your business flourishes and transforms, your security needs may also evolve. It is crucial to select a lock system that can easily adapt to such changes. At this point, you may opt for locks that you can rekey or one that seamlessly integrates with other security systems, such as door alarms.

By choosing a flexible lock system, you can ensure that your security measures can effortlessly grow alongside your business. Invest in a lock system that will support you no matter how your business grows and changes to stay ahead of the game.  

Types of High-Security Locks for Your Storefront Door

Prior to picking a high-security lock, it is important to know the various types that are out there. Each design is unique and built to fulfill certain security requirements.

A set of high-security locks, including cylindrical locksets and a mortise lock set, is installed in a building's front door.

Deadbolt Locks

High-security deadbolts are one of the most popular options because of their strength and resistance to picking or breaking.

Electronic Locks

They offer keyless entry. It also comes with a keypad for entry, biometric scanners, and smartphone apps for remote control. Having these makes things easier and safer.

Mortise Locks

These locks, firmly installed or mortised in the door, are less likely to be attacked from the outside. Their complicated locking system gives them better security.

Cylinder Locks

High-security cylinder locks can resist various types of tampering, including bumping, picking, and drilling. They often feature patented keyways.

Smart Locks

Smart locks represent the cutting-edge of door security technology, offering both convenience and top security. You can control them wirelessly using a smartphone application. That means you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. On top of that, many smart locks include features like access logs and temporary access codes. You can give these codes to employees or maintenance personnel and then revoke them as needed.

Each type has its benefits, so when making your choice, think about your specific operation and security needs.

Lock in Your Security Today with High-Security Locks

High-security locks do more than keep the doors shut. They are a wise investment in your business’s future. The locks offer top-notch protection. They also give better control over keys and are durable. They are your all-in-one solution to feeling safe. 

For this reason, Universal Best Locksmith is excited to help you discover the benefits of high-security locks. We will make sure your storefront is not just secure but a bustling hub for your business.

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Take the best step to protect your business in North Hollywood, CA, with Universal Best Locksmith! We are pros at working with high-security locks and offer great locksmith services for both businesses and homes. During the whole process, from the initial meeting to the exact installation, our 24/7 service team is here to help you. So trust us to make sure your safety needs are always met, and your peace of mind is our top priority. Ready to take your security to the next level? Call us at Universal Best Locksmith right away to find out more and start making your business safer and more secure.

Door Alarm Systems for Businesses: What You Need to Know

In today’s world, one cannot overstate the importance of security in businesses. With the rising instances of break-ins and thefts, companies must invest in reliable security systems. Having door alarm systems is one of the most vital tools to ensure safety and security. This blog post aims to provide you with everything you need to know about these alarm systems designed for doors. On top of that, we will discuss how they help make businesses safer.

What Is a Door Alarm System

A door alarm system is a security device that alerts the owner when someone opens the door. This way, it keeps people from getting in without permission and makes your workplace or office safer. The system typically comprises two parts: a sensor and an alarm. You placed the alarm on the door and the sensor on the stationary part, which is the door frame.

When the door is in a closed position, the two components of the sensor connect, creating a secure circuit. Opening the door breaks this connection, which triggers the alarm system. It could be a loud noise, a flashing light, or a notification sent to your phone. It depends on the system’s setup.

Door alarm systems can be standalone devices or part of a broader security system. They can be particularly useful for protecting specific areas of a building. For example, a front or back door. They can also monitor doors in more sensitive areas. These include offices, storerooms, and children’s rooms.

Why Do Businesses Need These Systems?

The number of break-ins and unauthorized entries keeps going up. That shows the importance of door alarm systems in business settings. Damage to reputation and large financial losses may result from these unfortunate events for a business. However, a properly placed door alarm system is a strong deterrent for people who might want to break in. It sends out an alert in real time if someone tries to enter without permission. Thus, it enables swift action, which could prevent or minimize potential damage.

Different Types of Door Alarm Systems

On the market, you can find different door alarm systems for business use. We listed a few of them:

Magnetic Contact Alarms

These alarms consist of two parts—a magnetic contact sensor and an alarm unit. You must place the sensor on the frame of the door and the magnet on the door itself. Once you open the door, you separate the connection between the magnet and the sensor, triggering the alarm.

Magnetic contact door alarm systems

Motion Sensor Alarms

These alarms can tell when someone is near the door because they use motion recognition technology. When someone approaches or enters the detection zone, it triggers the alarm. Motion sensor alarms are often used to keep a close watch on hallways, rooms, and bigger areas with multiple entry points.

Keypad Alarms

Keypad alarms need an entry code to turn off the system. The alarm will go off once you key in the right code within a given time. These types of alarms are common in residential and commercial settings.

Glass Break Alarms

Glass break alarms can detect the sound frequency of breaking glass. Usually, they are set up near windows or glass doors. They can pick up on the unique sound pattern that comes from glass breaking. When the alarm detects this sound, it triggers an alert.

Wireless Alarms

Wireless door alarms are easier to install and do not require complex wiring. They use wireless technology to communicate between the sensor and the alarm unit. These alarms are convenient for renters or those who prefer a DIY installation.

Smart Alarms

You can control and monitor smart door alarm systems remotely using a smartphone or other smart devices. They often have extra features like mobile notifications. They can also integrate with home smart automation systems. Plus, they can arm or disarm the system remotely.

Top Door Alarm Systems for Businesses in 2024


ADT is a renowned security company that provides a wide range of business security options, such as door alarm systems. You can change their systems to fit your needs. They come with things like motion sensors, door contact alarms, and glass break alarms.


Vivint is well-known for its high-tech security solutions. Their door alarms work with other smart devices with no problems. Voice commands and remote tracking are some of the more advanced features they offer.

Guardian Protection

Guardian Protection offers a wide range of business security systems, including door alarm systems. Their systems can provide reliable protection against unauthorized access and intrusions.


Abode is a popular choice for businesses seeking a DIY approach to security. Their door alarm systems are easy to install and come with features like door contact alarms and motion sensors.

A window/door sensor alarm system


SimpliSafe makes security systems for companies that are both affordable and easy to customize. They design their door alarm systems for ease of use to anyone and are good at keeping out thieves.

Note that these systems may or may not work for your business based on their function and features. Do research and compare various methods to discover the most suitable one for your security needs. To help you better, you can always ask for expert tips from your local locksmiths.

Improved Business Security with Door Alarm Systems

As security dangers rise, businesses must purchase a reliable door alarm system. This alarm system improves the security of your business, and it also gives your workers and customers peace of mind. Knowing about the different kinds of door alarm systems and what features they have can help businesses choose the best one for their security needs.

Alarm System Installation Near Me

Do you want to protect your business in Studio City, CA? Whether it is a startup or running over the years, Universal Best Locksmith is your trusted security partner. We offer door alarms that not only last but also elevate your property’s security to the next level.

We at Universal Best Locksmith know that every business has its own specific security needs. That is why our expert team works closely with you to identify the best door alarm system for your specific needs. We guarantee a smooth process from security system installation to upkeep. With us, you can focus on your business, free from security concerns.

So, do whatever it takes to keep your business safe. Make an appointment today, and let our commercial locksmith experts talk about your security options. Get more information on our most advanced secure alarm systems. Why wait? Call us and feel confident knowing you have the best business security on your doors.

The Importance of Secure Storefront Locks for Your Business

Your storefront is essentially the face of your business. You want to make sure that it welcomes customers and enjoys their stay inside the facility. Your storefront is also your first defense against burglars and other threats. That is why keeping it secure with a durable, high-quality lock is essential. That said, choosing the right storefront locks is one of the most important decisions you can make to protect it.

There are many different kinds of door locks on the market, which makes it hard to decide which one is ideal for your business. But the right storefront lock can protect your business from theft, vandalism, and other possible security problems. This blog will discuss the importance of choosing the best door locks for your business. We will also talk about the different types of storefront locks. By the end of this blog, you will know more about how to choose the best door locks to keep your business safe.

How a Strong Storefront Locks Protects Your Business

Your business needs a high-quality storefront lock to keep it safe from breaking-ins, theft, and damage. Here are some ways that a sturdy lock on your storefront can keep your business safe:


A high-quality storefront lock can act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders, discouraging them from attempting to break in.

Resistance to forced entry

When protecting your business, a heavy-duty storefront lock is essential. Mortise, deadbolt, and smart locks are all excellent options for commercial locks as they can withstand forceful entry.

Increased control over access 

You can limit entry to your establishment to only authorized personnel by controlling who can enter with a reliable storefront lock. It will protect your company’s assets and stop unlawful access.

Monitoring access

Some storefront locks, like smart locks, can watch door access and track who comes in and out of your business. So it can be helpful for tracking and protection.

High-Quality Storefront Locks

Choosing a high-quality lock for a storefront door is crucial for enhancing the security of your business. Here are some good locks for your storefront doors:

Deadbolt locks

Storefront doors often come with deadbolt locks. They constructed in a way brute force cannot open them. They also come in different sizes and materials, such as brass and stainless steel.

Smart storefront locks 

Storefront doors with smart locks have an extra layer of protection. Users can access from anywhere with an app on a smartphone and keep track of who goes in and out of the door. Smart locks can run on batteries or plug into the door.

Mortise locks 

Businesses often employ these locks because they are very secure. They fit into a hole in the door and frame called a mortise. It makes it hard for thieves to open the door by prying it open.

Lever handle locks

A lever handle lock like this commercial lever door lock is popular for shop owners because they are user-friendly and provide high security. They also come in different materials, like stainless steel, aluminum, and chrome.

Keypad locks 

Keypad locks are a safe and easy way to lock storefront doors. They let workers into the building without keys and can also keep track of who goes through the door.


Good door lock protects your business from security risks. It can stop thieves from breaking in and stop forced entry. Give you more control over who can get in, keep track of who gets in, and make you feel safe. 

When picking a durable lock for your business door, it is important to consider how secure it is. Ask yourself how often you will use it and what the door’s material is. Working out how much footfall your door gets on a day-to-day basis can be useful for figuring out which type of hardware you should invest in. A business owner should also hire a commercial locksmith or security company to install the lock properly and protect their business. 

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

If you are a business owner looking for a reliable door lock installation in Studio City and nearby areas, look no further. Universal Best Locksmith is a leading provider of lock installation and other locksmith services for businesses of all sizes. Our experienced team of technicians can professionally install the best quality commercial door locks to ensure the safety and security of your business premises. We use the latest technology and tools to guarantee we do the job in no time. With our professional approach and attention to detail, you can be sure that your door locks will last many years. Our service is fast and reliable. Call us today for free estimates. We are always ready to give you 24/7 assistance

Commercial Door Lock Options for Your Business

As a business owner, it is crucial to ensure you use the best security measures to protect your employees and customers. Commercial door locks are a great option for keeping everyone safe while securing your building. Here are some commercial door lock options that you can use to help keep everyone in your business safe.

What Is a Commercial Door Lock?

Commercial door locks are graded door locks that are made for commercial use. Commercial doors open and close hundreds of times daily, so lock durability is a top priority. The most common grading system is BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) standards, with 1 being the best and 3 being the worst in terms of quality.

A user using a commercial door lock

How Are Door Locks Graded?

Door locks are graded depending on the number of times they can open and close before wearing out. Grade 1 locks can open and close a million times or more, while Grades 2 and 3 can handle 800,000 open and close cycles. Grade 1 locks can also withstand up to 10 hits from a 75-foot-pound force without damaging the door knob. In addition, the latch on a grade 1 lock is 1 inch away from the door. The grade 2 or 3 latches are 1.2 inches from the door.

Which Are the Best Options for a Commercial Door Lock?

Commercial door locks come in many varieties, each with features and benefits. The most common kinds of commercial door locks are:

  • Commercial strike locks
  • Keyless entry locks
  • Smart deadbolt lock with Wi-Fi link
  • Magnetic locks
  • Digital locks with remote system
  • Master key systems

Commercial Strike Locks

Commercial strike locks operate on electricity, allowing you to buzz visitors in. They usually come with a doorbell or intercom system, so guests must ring these devices before entering. This lock is typical in daycare centers, doctor’s offices, and law firms as a safety measure to keep employees safe and to know who is coming and going from the building.

Keyless Commercial Entry Locks

Keyless commercial entry locks are another popular type of commercial door lock. These locks do not require a key, making them more convenient and secure than traditional keys. In addition, keyless access does not require a physical key but will require a passcode or security code. Brands like Schlage and Yale have models that are simple to install, keyless, and include pre-programmed access codes.

Magnetic Locks

A magnetic lock can come without levers or door knobs. Instead, this type of lock is installed above the frame and uses a sensor. It is commonly seen in revolving doors.

Master Key Systems

A master key system allows authorized individuals access to specific areas inside a building. This system keeps track of who access what door or area. 

A digital commercial door lock that uses magnetic cards

Digital Locks With Remote System

Digital locks are a popular choice for doors that require a secure, keyless solution. They eliminate the issuance of keys and usually come with a cylinder or key override. However, for proper lock installation, these locks usually require special door preparation. Other methods of opening and unlocking it include using a remote control.

Smart Commercial Deadbolt Lock With Wi-Fi Link

A deadbolt lock is extra protection against break-ins, and you can use them with a door pull or other type of lock. Modern commercial deadbolt locks have wireless technology, making them more convenient and secure. Smart keyless locks with Wi-Fi are among the greatest in this security category. These locks have a built-in Wi-Fi radio to connect to your network. You can also control them with voice commands using Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Final Thoughts

You may maximize the use of your high-security locks with the help of a trustworthy locksmith service provider. They use the proper tools for the job to install locks perfectly. So consider this and consult a locksmith when selecting the best lock for your business.

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Universal Best Locksmith is a company that specializes in providing quality commercial locks and door lock installation. We offer our clients the highest quality key and lock services in Valley Village, CA, and the neighboring areas. We also offer 24-hour emergency service, so you can always rely on us to complete the job. So do not wait any longer – call us today!