A Comprehensive Guide to Panic Hardware

Have you ever thought about what stands between safety and possible chaos in busy places, like the shopping mall, for instance? When it comes to building safety and emergency preparedness, panic hardware stands as an indispensable component. Also called “exit device,” this hero of the hour keeps many places safe by ensuring a smooth way out in an emergency. Many businesses do not consider them the most important part of their security system. Yet, knowing what they do is important for anyone who wants to stay safe during an emergency.  

This in-depth guide by Universal Best Locksmith will shed light on the world of panic hardware. There are many important reasons to have them on commercial doors, and there are many types to choose from. If ensuring the safety and security of your commercial space is on your priority list, this is one read you should not miss. Dive in and empower yourself by learning more about this silent guard of lives and properties.

Why Panic Hardware Is Important for Building Safety?

It is hard to stress enough how important panic door hardware is for keeping buildings safe. You probably do not pay much attention to such a thing, but it is useful in life-and-death situations. A panic device saves the day when time is of the essence, and people must leave fast, whether in an office, a mall, or a theater. At the same time, it keeps safety standards high and lowers the chance of stampedes or blockages at exits. To save lives, property owners and managers must know and understand how important panic hardware is.

The Different Types of Panic Hardware

Different types of panic hardware

Rim Panic Device

Think of a door you have pushed to exit. There is usually a rim panic device placed on the inside of the door. When pressed, it spans almost the entire door width and releases the latch at the top edge. It is easy to spot a rim panic device because it usually has a horizontal bar you push to activate.

Mortise Panic Device

This type of panic device is incorporated into the mortise lock on a door. If you push this device’s bar, it connects directly with the mortise lock’s key, which opens the door.

Vertical Rod Panic Device

Think of a door with rods going up, down, and across from a center push bar. When you push this bar, the rods retract from the top frame and floor, which opens the door. These are quite common on double doors.

Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Device

Like the vertical rod device, this one hides the rods inside the door. It gives the door a cleaner look because the rods are invisible. But it works the same way as the other types. When you push the center bar, it pulls back from the top frame and floor.

Cable Panic Device

Instead of standard mechanical connections, this uses cables to engage the latching mechanism. After pressing the bar, the cables pull the latch open. People often choose this type because it looks better and works more smoothly than others.

Crossbar Panic Device

Picture a door with a slender bar across the top, usually about halfway up. When you push this bar, the latch opens. It is less noticeable than the full-width bars of rim devices. That makes it a popular choice in places that care about looks without sacrificing safety.

There are different panic hardware designs available to fit specific doors and environments. While their appearances and mechanisms might vary, they all serve the same vital purpose: ensuring safe, quick exits during emergencies.

A Glimpse Into the Panic Hardware Installation

A locksmith installing a panic hardware

Installing panic hardware is a crucial step in ensuring a door is prepared for emergencies. Here is a breakdown of the process to give you a clear understanding:

Choose the Right Panic Door Hardware

Before anything else, select the best panic hardware for your door type and security needs. Remember, there are different devices for different door sizes and functionalities.

Gather Your Tools

Assemble tools like a drill, screwdriver, tape measure, pencil, and the mounting hardware that comes with your panic hardware package.

Measure and Mark

Using the tape measure, determine the ideal height for the device (usually about 40 inches from the floor). Mark the drilling points according to the manufacturer’s template provided.

Drill Pilot Holes

Once you have marked your points, drill small pilot holes. It will ensure that screws go in straight and secure.

Attach the Device

Place the panic hardware over the pilot holes. With a screwdriver or drill, fasten the device securely onto the door. Make sure it is level and aligned properly.

Install Strike Plate

On the door frame, install the strike plate (the metal plate the door latch will engage with). It is where the door will “catch” and stay closed when not in use.

Test the Mechanism

Once everything is securely in place, push the panic bar or device, and the door should open smoothly. When closed, the latch should fit into the strike plate. This step ensures the installation is successful.

Make Adjustments if Necessary

Make any necessary changes if the door is not latching or the bar is not releasing as it should. It could entail realigning the device or tightening/loosening certain parts.

Safety Check

Ensure there are no obstructions that might hinder the function of the panic hardware. Clear any nearby obstacles, and ensure the path of egress is unblocked.

Final Test

Once installed, open and close the door a few times to see if it works properly and reliably.

By following these steps, you can be sure that the door does not just have panic hardware fitted. You know it also works well and is safe—a door ready to provide swift exits in an emergency.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Do you know if your building is truly prepared for emergencies? Ensuring safety is paramount, and having the right panic hardware is a critical part of that. But it is not just about having panic hardware; it is about ensuring its proper installation. If you are a business owner in North Hollywood, CA, do not leave things to chance. Trust the experts at Universal Best Locksmith. With our top-tier commercial locksmith services, we guarantee the impeccable fitting and functioning of your panic bar hardware. Elevate your building’s safety today and give your occupants the peace of mind they deserve. Call us to request a quote.

Traditional vs. Magnetic Locks: Which Is Better for Your Business?

Security is a top priority for any business. As a business owner, picking the right lock system is a crucial decision as it can greatly affect how safe your building is. Traditional and magnetic locks are two of the most common types of locks. Each one has its set of features and benefits that you must think about. But which security system will better protect your property? 

To make a smart choice, you need to know how these two types of locks differ and figure out which fits your needs best. In this blog post, you will know which lock system would be best for your business. Let us explore how they stack up against each other in terms of security standards, how easy it is to use, and how well it works with access control systems.

Traditional vs. Magnetic Locks: Which Is Better

Whether you choose traditional or magnetic locks for your business depends on how secure you want it to be. When deciding between traditional locks and magnetic locks, here are some aspects to think about:

Traditional Locks

Mechanical Reliability

Traditional locks, like those with keys or combinations, have been used for many years and are known for their mechanical durability. They last a long time and can handle lots of wear and tear.

Ease of Use

Traditional locks are commonly used in any setting and are familiar to most people. Everyone knows how to use them. Whether it is using keys or typing in a password, no extra training is needed. It is as easy as getting in and out of the door.

Key Control

Traditional locks have a level of key control because only authorized people can make copies or change the keys. It lets you control who can get into your business grounds.


It is important to fix and oil traditional locks now and then, especially in places with a lot of foot traffic. Over time, lock cylinders and keyways can wear out, and you will need to replace them.

Magnetic Locks

Enhanced Security 

Compared to standard locks, magnetic locks are harder to bypass and offer higher levels of security. They have a strong holding force that makes them hard to break. Whether someone tries to pick, bump, or mess with it. With a magnetic lock, you can be sure your things will stay safe and sound.

Access Control Integration 

Magnetic locks are easy to add to access control systems. It makes tracking when workers or other authorized people come in and leave easier. You can access them with key cards, fingerprints, or other forms of digital identification.


Magnetic locks make it easy and quick to get in. With electronic credentials, workers do not have to fumble around for keys to get in or out of the building. You can also set up different access levels for different people or groups.

Commercial doors with magnetic locks

Power Usage

Note that magnetic locks need a constant source of power to stay locked. That is usually done with a dedicated power supply or a backup battery. A backup power option is necessary during a power outage to ensure security.

Initial Cost

Magnetic locks cost more than traditional ones but provide better security and control over who comes in. So even though they may be a little pricier upfront, it is worth spending in the long run.

Ultimately, your choice between traditional and magnetic locks will rely on three things. How much security you need, how much money you have, and whether you want convenience or extra features. Assessing the needs of your business and talking to a trusted local commercial locksmith can help. They can help you choose the best lock system for your business.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Are you looking for the perfect door locks to keep your business safe? You can talk to one of our security pros at Universal Locksmith. Our commercial locksmith services are among the best in Studio City and nearby cities. If you need strong commercial door locks, such as magnetic locks, or more advanced security systems, our team can help. Call us today, and you can relax knowing your business is safe with Universal Locksmith at your side.

Lock Maintenance: Why It Is Important and How to Do It

Have you ever opened a door only to find it would not budge? Or have you ever lost your keys and had to call a local locksmith to come and help you? These scenarios are all too common but do not have to be. In reality, however, such occurrences can be significantly minimized with regular lock maintenance. This blog post will explain why lock maintenance is essential and how you can easily keep your locks in good working order. 

The Benefits of Maintaining Locks

Locks are like trusty guardians, watching our most important places and possessions. They protect us from harm and keep the things that matter safe. That is why lock maintenance is essential for keeping homes, businesses, and valuables safe. Without proper upkeep, locks become vulnerable to break-ins and costly repairs. Outlined are the benefits of maintaining your locks and a few basic tips on keeping them in good working order.

A locksmith refitting a door locks during lock maintenance

Keep Your Place Safe and Secure

You have locks for one reason—to protect your humble abode and the people and things you value. If a lock is not working well, you are exposed to burglars and intruders. Do not let faulty locks put you at risk. Maintain them to lower the chances of unauthorized access. So, check and maintain your locks often. Lock upkeep will help ensure problems do not get too bad so that you can feel more secure.

Extend the Life of Your Locks

Like any other locks, the ones on your doors will wear out over time. Dust and dirt buildup can also affect a lock’s smooth functioning. Yet, with routine care, you can improve its lifespan substantially. Clean and lubricate your locks regularly to help them work better and last longer. Plus, it can prevent jams or any other hidden issues. With timely checks, you can spot the signs of wear before it is too late. Regular maintenance also helps identify weaker parts so you can repair or replace them before complete failure occurs. So give your locks some love, and they will protect you for years.

Save Money on Costly Repairs

Take care of your locks and save money. If you fail to take care of little things, like loose handles or keys that do not fit, they can add up to an expensive repair. Do some quick fixes now and avoid paying for costly emergency locksmith services.

A locksmith performing lock maintenance

Understanding The Importance of Lock Maintenance

Maintaining your residential and commercial locks for doors is like giving a car some TLC. Like your car, a lock requires periodic maintenance to keep it functional. You must clean it regularly to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that can accumulate and cause damage. You must also lubricate it to ensure all the parts remain well-lubricated and working properly. Finally, you should inspect and tighten any loose screws and test the lock often to ensure it functions correctly. If you notice any issues, seek help from a professional locksmith who can provide timely advice on repairs or upgrades. Eventually, your locks will remain secure and reliable for years with regular care and attention.

Local Locksmith Near Me

Stop worrying about your locks. Universal Best Locksmith is here to help. Our experienced, licensed locksmiths can install, repair and maintain any type of lock you need. Whether you need a residential locksmith for the locks in your home or a commercial locksmith for your business’s access control, we can provide the security solutions you require. We always use top-of-the-line materials and precision tools for a perfect job. You can count on Universal Best Locksmith for all your lock repair needs. Get the reliable safety you need. Call us today to schedule a service.

The Importance of Secure Storefront Locks for Your Business

Your storefront is essentially the face of your business. You want to make sure that it welcomes customers and enjoys their stay inside the facility. Your storefront is also your first defense against burglars and other threats. That is why keeping it secure with a durable, high-quality lock is essential. That said, choosing the right storefront locks is one of the most important decisions you can make to protect it.

There are many different kinds of door locks on the market, which makes it hard to decide which one is ideal for your business. But the right storefront lock can protect your business from theft, vandalism, and other possible security problems. This blog will discuss the importance of choosing the best door locks for your business. We will also talk about the different types of storefront locks. By the end of this blog, you will know more about how to choose the best door locks to keep your business safe.

How a Strong Storefront Locks Protects Your Business

Your business needs a high-quality storefront lock to keep it safe from breaking-ins, theft, and damage. Here are some ways that a sturdy lock on your storefront can keep your business safe:


A high-quality storefront lock can act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders, discouraging them from attempting to break in.

Resistance to forced entry

When protecting your business, a heavy-duty storefront lock is essential. Mortise, deadbolt, and smart locks are all excellent options for commercial locks as they can withstand forceful entry.

Increased control over access 

You can limit entry to your establishment to only authorized personnel by controlling who can enter with a reliable storefront lock. It will protect your company’s assets and stop unlawful access.

Monitoring access

Some storefront locks, like smart locks, can watch door access and track who comes in and out of your business. So it can be helpful for tracking and protection.

High-Quality Storefront Locks

Choosing a high-quality lock for a storefront door is crucial for enhancing the security of your business. Here are some good locks for your storefront doors:

Deadbolt locks

Storefront doors often come with deadbolt locks. They constructed in a way brute force cannot open them. They also come in different sizes and materials, such as brass and stainless steel.

Smart storefront locks 

Storefront doors with smart locks have an extra layer of protection. Users can access from anywhere with an app on a smartphone and keep track of who goes in and out of the door. Smart locks can run on batteries or plug into the door.

Mortise locks 

Businesses often employ these locks because they are very secure. They fit into a hole in the door and frame called a mortise. It makes it hard for thieves to open the door by prying it open.

Lever handle locks

A lever handle lock like this commercial lever door lock is popular for shop owners because they are user-friendly and provide high security. They also come in different materials, like stainless steel, aluminum, and chrome.

Keypad locks 

Keypad locks are a safe and easy way to lock storefront doors. They let workers into the building without keys and can also keep track of who goes through the door.


Good door lock protects your business from security risks. It can stop thieves from breaking in and stop forced entry. Give you more control over who can get in, keep track of who gets in, and make you feel safe. 

When picking a durable lock for your business door, it is important to consider how secure it is. Ask yourself how often you will use it and what the door’s material is. Working out how much footfall your door gets on a day-to-day basis can be useful for figuring out which type of hardware you should invest in. A business owner should also hire a commercial locksmith or security company to install the lock properly and protect their business. 

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

If you are a business owner looking for a reliable door lock installation in Studio City and nearby areas, look no further. Universal Best Locksmith is a leading provider of lock installation and other locksmith services for businesses of all sizes. Our experienced team of technicians can professionally install the best quality commercial door locks to ensure the safety and security of your business premises. We use the latest technology and tools to guarantee we do the job in no time. With our professional approach and attention to detail, you can be sure that your door locks will last many years. Our service is fast and reliable. Call us today for free estimates. We are always ready to give you 24/7 assistance

Hire a Pro for Commercial Locksmith Services!

Hire a Pro for Commercial Locksmith Services!

The security of any office building or business establishment starts at the point of entrance. As a result, investing in high-security locks and hardware is important because it helps secure your company’s property. Commercial locks come with different functions and applications. Therefore, it would be best if you had a commercial locksmith’s expertise to choose the best hardware devices. Let us discuss what you should look for when hiring a commercial locksmith.

Reliable Local Commercial Locksmith Company

If you want to hire a commercial locksmith:

  1. Take the time to check around, just like when hiring any professional.
  2. Look for reliable locksmith companies that serve your local area.
  3. Run a quick internet search using keywords like “commercial locksmith near me.” You can make a shortlist of potential locksmith companies, call their phone number, and confirm the full legal name and the business’s address.

If the operator only gives you a generic name or address, it is time to move on to the next company on your list.

Word of Mouth & Recommendations

Suppose you are a victim of an office lockout and need an office to rekey service asap. As a result, you may need more time to do due diligence. When this is the case, word of mouth is also an excellent way to find a reliable locksmith in your local area. As your family, trusted friends, and co-workers if they have any recommendations. Do more than use Google when looking for reviews. Also, look at Yelp, Angie’s List, and other forums to see if the company is trusted and liked in your community.

Request Free Estimates From Various Commercial Locksmith Companies.

The cost of hiring a commercial locksmith varies depending on the type of job and lock, location, and time. It is always advisable to get estimates from at least three companies. Ask for a written estimate, and be sure it includes the price for the labor and replacement parts. The quote must include the service call fee, service charge if it’s a night call, and other potential extra costs. Be wary of companies that offer very low estimates and refuse to provide a written quote.

Locksmith Scam

Finally, beware of locksmith scams. Some companies target desperate people needing emergency locksmith service because they are locked out of their premises or vehicles. Scammers often create fake listings for businesses in online and phone book directories. Using fake addresses and phone numbers, scammers can make their businesses seem like local businesses.

They operate out-of-state and are likely just maintenance companies not specialized in locksmithing. Therefore, always look for a local locksmith business to help you. 

Locksmith Near Me

Universal Best Locksmith can help with your commercial or residential locksmith needs, whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner. Our expert commercial locksmiths are highly trained and are on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In addition, our mobile team, equipped with the most up-to-date tools and technology, can provide mobile locksmith services in North Hollywood and its surrounding areas. So you can count on us for all your commercial locksmithing needs. 

Choosing a Locksmith Company in Valley Village

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Locksmith Company

If your safety has been compromised, you will likely need a locksmith company to help you to change the locks in your house or duplicate some keys. But if you are not careful, you risk your safety even more if you hire an inexperienced locksmith who might not even be qualified to handle the task. Therefore, it is wise to hire a trustworthy locksmith who can quickly resolve an issue. But what exactly sets a reputable locksmith apart from an unreliable one? Here, you will learn what you need to know when hiring a locksmith Valley Village. 

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Locksmith Company

Request the Credentials of the Locksmith Company.

Some states require a license to work as a locksmith for a good reason. You would want your information to stay in the right hands, as locksmiths handle delicate situations such as duplicating keys or changing locks. Whether it is an emergency locksmith, a residential locksmith, or an automotive locksmith, you want to ensure that their services are up to par. If you need to find a mobile locksmith, it’s all the more reason to ask for certification if they need to handle your digital security system.

If they do not ask for your identification, which is standard practice in the industry, that is enough reason to be cautious of them. All locksmiths, whether local or from a company, should ensure that you own the property before they begin their work. Request the locksmith’s name as well as their business card. Make sure the company name on the invoice matches what is said on the business card. Consider contacting a different company if the details align differently from what you might have heard on the phone. You may cancel their work if the fee is unreasonable or their services are not advertised.

Find a Reputable Locksmith Companies

For some locksmiths, you have all the more reasons to ensure they are reputable. If you need to hire a commercial locksmith, you want things to go smoothly with your business. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so do some research beforehand, so you do not put your property and belongings at risk. Don’t be enticed if a company advertises low prices, as they might need more professional experience.

Always check with other people if the company is as trustworthy as they advertise. Search for complaints about the company and reviews, or ask around the neighborhood to see what others say about them.

Consider the Cost

While doing things yourself might be cheaper, it will often just make things harder for you in the future. For example, would a smashed window or broken door be worth it when locked out of your home or car? Hiring mobile locksmith services will often take the burden off your shoulders, so you do not have to go through too much hassle if you need a lock changed or locked out. Regardless of which kind of locksmith you hire, you should ask for an estimate of the costs. The locksmith should advise you accordingly if anything else arises during the job.

Insurance might also cover locking services, particularly when employing an automotive locksmith. But, again, inquire about this beforehand if your insurance can cover the fee.

Go into Detail

While you might want the problem fixed as soon as possible, rushing it might create more issues. Get all the information you can for the locksmith, such as telling them your lock’s model. With more information, a locksmith will be able to provide you with a more accurate price and be able to solve your lock issue more quickly.

Locksmith Near Me

There are many qualified locksmith companies to choose from. One top company to consider is Universal Best Locksmith. We are one of the leading locksmith companies with a proven reputation because we puts our clients first. We are also available 24/7, so no matter what time, we will assist when you need us. Call us now for free estimates.