A Guide to the Different Types of Door Knobs for Homes

Have you heard of the saying, “The door handle is the handshake of the building?” Door handles and door knobs are vital in our interaction with buildings and homes. They provide us with a way to enter and exit rooms and can be used to open and close doors.

Whether you are updating your home or building a new one from scratch, the door hardware you choose can greatly impact your home’s overall look. There are many types of knobs to choose from, and each has specific benefits. Hence, it is important to know what you are shopping for exactly. 

A Guide to the Different Types of Door Knobs for Homes

Dummy Door Knobs

Dummy door knobs are designed to provide a consistent look throughout the home but serve no functional purpose. They come in single and double options. 

A dummy door knob

A single dummy door knob, handle, or lever is designed for installation on just the visible side of the door. Meanwhile, double dummy door knobs come in a pair of matching knobs or handles designed to be fitted and used to decorate a single doorway.

How you install your double door knob may depend on the door type. For instance, you may install it on both sides of a single door as a single unit or separate the unit and install them on opposing double doors.

Passage Door Knobs

Passage door knobs and handles are designed for areas inside the home that do not require privacy, such as hallways, closets, kitchens, and pantries. They have a simple latch you can turn as you rotate the knob or handle. The only difference is that passage door knobs lack a lock. On the other hand, dummy door knobs are stationary and do not even turn.

Passage door knobs and handles come in various styles, including decorative glass knobs and handles and ornately cast metal pieces.

Interior Mortise Door Knobs

Mortise locks are typically found on older doors and offer a more traditional look. These door knobs are often paired with skeleton keys and linked to a deadbolt for added privacy.

Keep in mind that while mortise locks are very secure, they can be difficult to install. That is because mortise door knobs typically feature a large rectangular lock built into the knob itself instead of being separate from it. Thus, giving the knob a more solid appearance. If you are interested in installing a mortise lock, call the nearest residential locksmith in your area for expert door lock installation.

Keyed Entrance Door Knobs

A keyed entrance door knob or handle can offer protection and privacy. It comes with a key to lock and unlock the door. These are typically installed on exterior doors but can also be used on interior doors for privacy. Just be careful not to lose the key, or you will have to call for residential locksmith services to replace or rekey your door lock.

A keyed entrance door knob

A keyed entrance door knob or handle interior section varies by each hardware manufacturer. Typically, a push-button lock that releases when the knob is turned will be inside a keyed cylinder on the outside. However, some hardware manufacturers also have a turn button on the knob, which requires you to unlock it manually.

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