Home Break-Ins: Prevention Tips From a Residential Locksmith

House break-ins, or burglaries, are a serious problem in the US. This report from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program showed an estimated 1,117,696 burglaries in the US in 2019. That means a burglary happens once every 28.1 seconds. As a homeowner, these numbers can be pretty alarming. Thankfully, there are several measures you can take to secure your home from unwelcome visitors. Read on as we share some expert tips from a residential locksmith on how to keep house burglary at bay.

Home Break-in Prevention Tips From a Residential Locksmith

A residential locksmith would often recommend the best ways to secure both exterior and interior entrances to prevent home break-ins, including:

Install deadbolts: Deadbolts are strong, sturdy door locks that can provide an extra layer of protection against break-ins. They are much harder to force open than regular locks and can make it more difficult for burglars to enter a home.

Use high-quality locks: A cheap front door lock is often quick to pick or break. Unfortunately, that makes your door a no-sweat target for burglars. For this reason, locksmiths recommend using high-quality, pick-proof locks, such as those made of heavy-duty materials or with complex keyways.

Upgrade to smart locks: Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer many benefits, including remote access and control. With a smart lock installed, you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere and monitor who enters and exits your home.

A smartphone for accessing smart locks

Install a home security system: A security system can help deter burglars by alerting homeowners and authorities of a break-in. Many systems can also include cameras and sensors that detect movement and sound.

Reinforce doors and windows: Burglars often try to enter a home through weak points, such as doors and windows. Reinforcing these areas with additional locks, bars, or metal frames can make it much more difficult for them to gain entry.

Keep keys secure: Avoid leaving spare keys outside or in easily accessible areas. Instead, keep them with a neighbor or family member, or invest in a secure key holder that you can hide elsewhere.

The Role of Locksmith Services in Home Break-in Prevention

Locksmith services can play an important role in house break-in prevention by providing homeowners with specialized security solutions and expertise. Here are some ways that residential locksmith services can help prevent house break-ins:

Install high-quality locks: A residential locksmith can install high-quality locks designed to resist picking, drilling, and other forms of forced entry. These are far more secure than standard locks, which intruders can pick or break. Do not cut corners when it comes to your home’s security—your safety is worth the cost!

Provide key duplication services: Locksmiths can create duplicate keys that are difficult to copy. This way, you know that only authorized individuals can access your home. So ensure only you and some trusted individuals have the key to getting in.

A keychain provided by a residential locksmith

Perform lock repair and maintenance: Regular maintenance and repair of locks can help ensure that they function properly and burglars cannot compromise them. Thus, you can have the confidence that your security is not at risk.

Install security systems: Locksmiths can install and maintain security systems, including cameras, motion sensors, and other features to detect and deter burglars.

Offer expert advice: Locksmiths offer expert advice on reinforcing doors and windows or using smart locks to improve home security.

Overall, residential locksmith services bring peace of mind by securing homes against burglars. Locksmiths can also respond quickly in an emergency, such as a break-in, to help homeowners regain access to their homes and secure their property.

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