Reasons to Install Your Commercial Door With a Latch Guard

When it comes to securing your business against break-ins, one of the most important components is your door. Doors are more than just functional hardware; they provide a layer of security for your property. A latch guard can help provide an extra level of protection to your commercial doors by preventing unauthorized access and deterring potential intruders. Let us see how investing in a good quality latch guard could save you time, money, and precious resources in the long run.

What Is a Door Latch Guard?

Made from heavy-duty steel, a latch guard covers the interior face of the door frame, preventing anyone from reaching in and unlocking the door. The latch guard fits over the standard-sized latch and is easy to install with just a Phillips head screwdriver. The unique design allows opening it from the inside when necessary while still providing excellent protection from possible break-ins or tampering.

Latch guards in different forms, sizes and finishes

Reasons to Install a Latch Guard on Your Commercial Door

Work with Many Door Types

These simple devices fit over the existing latches on most standard commercial door types. And because latch guards come in different sizes and styles, they are perfect for use on many types of doors—including metal entry doors, fire doors, and more. In addition, they you can use them for outswing or inswing doors.

Complement the Look of Your Door

Latch guards make important safety features easily visible while enhancing the aesthetics of doorways. They come in a wide selection of finishes, including stainless steel, brass-plated, bronze-plated, chrome-plated, and durable powder coating. With these options, you can pick the latch guard that best complements the material and design of your door.

Deter Criminals Visually

Latch guards are a visual deterrent, letting potential criminals know your door is locked and secure. They cover the door’s internal locking mechanism and make unlocking difficult with a crowbar or other tool. In addition, visible latch guards act as warning signs to thieves. They can see that attempting to break in would be futile, making them think twice before trying. 

Enhance Overall Protection

Latch guards are hardware that fits the latch mechanisms of interior and exterior commercial doors, blocking unauthorized access and boosting protection against forced entry. They are made from robust steel grilles with an electroplated powder-coat finish. That means they are highly resistant to damage, tampering, and even fire.

A deadbolt lock installed with a latch guard

Latch guards can combine with other devices, such as anti-ligature levers, panel pins, and guard plates. You can use them as part of an integrated door security system that keeps people, assets, and information safe at all times.

Cost Less Than Other Security Options

Latch guards are simple, versatile, and inexpensive door security hardware that you can install on the interior of any door. Unlike more costly security measures such as electronic locks or alarm systems, latch guards are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

Installs Easily

Latch guard installation is surprisingly easy—all you need is a few basic tools, and even someone with no experience can get the job done in just a few minutes. Just slide the latch guard over the existing door latch and secure it with the supplied screws.

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