The Benefits of Installing Residential Smart Locks

As smart houses become more focused on technology, residential smart locks have become popular. If you always lose your house keys, want to make your home safer, or want to let your kids in while you are away, smart locks for home or a fingerprint door lock could be a solution. You should also look into it if you want to let your friends in, even when you are not home. You may have heard that smart door locks are the way of the future, but what are they, exactly? Let us find out.

What Are Residential Smart Locks?

A smart door lock is a lock that controls who can get into a building with the help of an electronic system. With smart locks, you can lock and unlock your doors from your phone or another device linked to the internet. That makes them great for homes and those who want to keep their property safe without having expensive security systems.

Benefits of Residential Smart Locks

If you are thinking about getting a smart door lock for your home, here are some of the best reasons to do so:

Improve Security

Traditional locks have served us well, but they are easy to pick and break. Smart locks for homes have built-in protections against these problems. They have protections against picking and bumping, and their protected data keeps digital thieves at bay. For homeowners like you who want to know what is going on right away, many residential smart locks can send updates directly to your phones.

Keyless Entry

Everybody knows how annoying it is to lose their keys. Those days are long gone, though, because of smart door hardware. Now, you can open a door without a key with a PIN, voice, tap on your phone, or fingerprint. Thus, you no longer have to look for your keys or worry about losing them.

Remote Control and Access

Remote access is like having magic in the palm of your hand. Homeowners can easily lock or open their doors from miles away with smart locks. It is convenient and gives you the power to control who comes in and out of your home at the touch of a button.

Control of Users

Modern families and houses are always changing. Friends come over, workers come and go, and family members might need entry at odd times. Smart locks for homes make it easy to give or take away entry. That means you can give people access codes, keep track of when they come and go, and ensure your home is safe.

A user accessing a residential smart lock

Integration With Smart Home Devices

The best thing about today’s technology is how it all works together. You can easily connect smart locks to other smart home devices. Imagine that your door opens, the lights turn on, your favorite song starts playing, and the thermostat automatically sets itself to the temperature you like. Sounds nice? It is possible with smart tools that work together.

Increase Home’s Value

Tech upgrades are not just about making things work better. They also add value to your home. The market value of a modern home with the best smart lock can skyrocket, drawing tech-savvy buyers who value safety and convenience.

Analysis of Costs and Benefits

Yes, residential smart locks have a starting cost which may be higher than traditional locks. But think about how much money you will save in the long run by not having to call a residential locksmith to replace lost keys or change locks. Think about how much more secure you would feel and how much easier it would be to go about your daily life. Over time, this purchase pays for itself and makes life safer and easier.

Misconceptions About Smart Locks

Possibility of Hacking

It is not true that smart locks are easy to hack. Even though no system is completely safe, makers make encryption and regular software updates their top priorities to protect against potential threats. You can relax knowing that the best smart lock systems have multiple layers of security.

A smartphone app for residential smart locks showing the lock is armed and locked

Battery Life and Upkeep

Most residential smart locks can last for years. Regular alerts for low battery and easy maintenance checks can keep your smart lock system in good shape for years.

Installation and Compatibility

People might think that adding smart technology is a hard thing to do. Yet, most smart door hardware is easy to install and work with various door types and current setups.

Latest Residential Smart Locks on the Market

August Home, Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

Key Features:

  • Upgrade your current deadbolt: August smart locks fit inside your door and make your normal deadbolt smarter, safer, and more convenient. 
  • Grant access with the August app: Do not copy the keys. You can quickly and easily give friends, family, and other people you trust permanent, scheduled, or temporary entry to your home, and you will never have to put a key under the doormat again.
  • Easy to install on any type of door: Even if you are not very handy, it only takes about ten minutes to set up. August locks fit right over most single-cylinder deadbolts and are not much bigger than your original thumbturn.
  • Work right into your smart home: Because it has built-in Wi-Fi, your lock can work with your favorite voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Samsung SmartThings, and more.

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock with Door Sensor

Key Features:

  • The most flexible 8-in-1 keyless entry smart lock: With Touch and Go 360° Fingerprint ID, Anti-peep Keypad, Website and eKey sharing. Compatible with Apple Watch 
  • Smart Auto Lock and Unlock: It can lock instantly when your door closes with a door sensor and unlocks when you walk up to your door with your smartphone in your pocket. Alexa and Google Assistant both work with your voice. Works with IFTTT and SmartThings. Works with the Apple Watch.

Embracing Residential Smart Locks for a More Secure and Convenient Home

When it comes to security, your home should be your top priority. After all, home is where the heart is. With smart locks, you get technology, ease of use, and peace of mind all in one. As technology keeps getting better, we all have to keep up and put the safety of our homes first.

Residential Locksmith Near Me

With today’s smart lock systems, like smart locks for homes and the newest fingerprint door locks, it can be hard to figure out the best way to protect your home. Universal Best Locksmith is here to help you find the best smart lock for your home or workspace. With our expert knowledge and wide selection of smart door hardware, we aim to ensure that your home has the best security technology available. With Universal Best Locksmith by your side, you can plunge into your home, where security is ready for the future. Call us today to learn more about your options.