Traditional vs. Magnetic Locks: Which Is Better for Your Business?

Security is a top priority for any business. As a business owner, picking the right lock system is a crucial decision as it can greatly affect how safe your building is. Traditional and magnetic locks are two of the most common types of locks. Each one has its set of features and benefits that you must think about. But which security system will better protect your property? 

To make a smart choice, you need to know how these two types of locks differ and figure out which fits your needs best. In this blog post, you will know which lock system would be best for your business. Let us explore how they stack up against each other in terms of security standards, how easy it is to use, and how well it works with access control systems.

Traditional vs. Magnetic Locks: Which Is Better

Whether you choose traditional or magnetic locks for your business depends on how secure you want it to be. When deciding between traditional locks and magnetic locks, here are some aspects to think about:

Traditional Locks

Mechanical Reliability

Traditional locks, like those with keys or combinations, have been used for many years and are known for their mechanical durability. They last a long time and can handle lots of wear and tear.

Ease of Use

Traditional locks are commonly used in any setting and are familiar to most people. Everyone knows how to use them. Whether it is using keys or typing in a password, no extra training is needed. It is as easy as getting in and out of the door.

Key Control

Traditional locks have a level of key control because only authorized people can make copies or change the keys. It lets you control who can get into your business grounds.


It is important to fix and oil traditional locks now and then, especially in places with a lot of foot traffic. Over time, lock cylinders and keyways can wear out, and you will need to replace them.

Magnetic Locks

Enhanced Security 

Compared to standard locks, magnetic locks are harder to bypass and offer higher levels of security. They have a strong holding force that makes them hard to break. Whether someone tries to pick, bump, or mess with it. With a magnetic lock, you can be sure your things will stay safe and sound.

Access Control Integration 

Magnetic locks are easy to add to access control systems. It makes tracking when workers or other authorized people come in and leave easier. You can access them with key cards, fingerprints, or other forms of digital identification.


Magnetic locks make it easy and quick to get in. With electronic credentials, workers do not have to fumble around for keys to get in or out of the building. You can also set up different access levels for different people or groups.

Commercial doors with magnetic locks

Power Usage

Note that magnetic locks need a constant source of power to stay locked. That is usually done with a dedicated power supply or a backup battery. A backup power option is necessary during a power outage to ensure security.

Initial Cost

Magnetic locks cost more than traditional ones but provide better security and control over who comes in. So even though they may be a little pricier upfront, it is worth spending in the long run.

Ultimately, your choice between traditional and magnetic locks will rely on three things. How much security you need, how much money you have, and whether you want convenience or extra features. Assessing the needs of your business and talking to a trusted local commercial locksmith can help. They can help you choose the best lock system for your business.

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